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Hello and welcome to Cashie Blog at Cashie.org where I, Javi, write about Internet Marketing, making money online, cash talk, online advertising resources, suggestions, alerts — anything relating to making a living online.

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This is a Personal Blog about Making Money Online

What makes Cashie.org different from my other Cashie website, Cashie.net, is that I’ll be writing more in depth with more personality on my writing towards each website or categories being written about. For each recommended money making site, for example, I will include the pros and cons as well — because, let’s face it, nothing is perfect and should not be overly hyped! There are a lot of unethical affiliate sites and scams out there, so we all need to help one another to stop feeding the corrupt! :)

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Want More Info about Money Making Sites?

Please visit Cashie.net, where I have analyzed and rated each site in detail and reported from which I’ve been paid or not for review. I like to share my findings because, as mentioned, there are a lot of scams out there! And unfortunately, new internet marketers are the easiest to trap into these bad schemes (to which I’ve fallen into myself!). Making money online should be simpler and safer!

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