About Me

Javi S. Kunou

Javi S. Kunou My real name is Javier Soto, though most people on the internet know me as Kunou (or Javi S. Kunou). I was born — and mostly raised — in California, USA, from Mexican ancestry, and only lived in Mexico from my 7th to 12th year in life. I speak both English and Spanish while currently learning how to speak Japanese.

I am an Internet Marketer fascinated by the world of the internet and affiliate marketing. I build websites from scratch to promote my affiliate links to also share in-depth info, experiences, tips and more as I keep actualizing and learning on the way. I am also a Photoshop anime artist and I am the owner and webmaster of the Cashie Network website series. I also know a lot more about Windows computers than the average person; I can install, fix, and upgrade both software and hardware on personal computers.

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