Cashie Blog

Also known as Cashie Blog, Cashie.org is an internet blog from Cashie Network, with webmaster and owner, Javier Soto “Kunou”.

Cashie Blog is about anything relating to Internet Marketing, such as, but not limited to: cash talk, affiliate programs and online advertising resources. Along with suggestions, notices, alerts, etc.

More information in detail as the site progresses.

Domain & Mascot

Cashie Blog - Cashie.org

The domain name was acquired on November 20th, 2011, and was later decided to be used for a Cashie Network WordPress blog on December 25th. In the new year, January 1st, 2012, Cashie Blog became public.

The character Cashie is a character created and drawn by Javier Soto as the mascot for Cashie Network. Because the name is closest a synonym relating to money, such as “cash”, Cashie was chosen. The name is female, hence the female girl with green hair (green representing money in the United States).

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