TreasureTrooper GPT Review: Do You Really Get Paid to…?

TreasureTrooper GPT Review: Do You Really Get Paid to...?

TreasureTrooper has been one of the very first sites I’ve joined for making money online. There are many ways to earn money here — as any other GPT (get paid to) site out there — but what sets this one apart? This review will answer such questions, along with, “Is it a scam?” and describe some of the features offered.

Get Paid to do What?

There are surveys to complete, offers to go through, free and paid trials to try, completing tasks, participating in contests, getting cash back from shopping online stores, and, of course, earning from referrals. All these earning features from TreasureTrooper may sound typical from any other GPT site, however, what sets this one apart from others are their treasure items and prizes. These items may be exchanged for other special items or prizes (Amazon gift cards, iPod Nanos, XBox 360 consoles, etc.).

TreasureTrooper Cash Tasks

TreasureTrooper Cash Tasks Preview Cash Tasks have started to become rather popular among GPT sites lately. Members earn from a few cents to a couple of dollars depending on each task’s job. Jobs consist of a plethora of categories and assignments, so I can’t really say what you must do to earn. Some may require you to search a specific site, test some other sites, read and suggest, correct things, match words, etc., etc.

Bad thing is…they do require a lot of time to accurately complete. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Cash Tasks. If they’d pay more, I would recommend this feature, but a few cents for the time required is not what I’d call fair.

Treasures at TreasureTrooper

TreasureTrooper Items Preview One treasure item I absolutely love are the pearls. For every successfully completed offer, you get a chance at playing a mini game where you must choose one clamp out of three to open. Out of those three there is a pearl inside. Collecting 8 pearls can be exchanged at the TreasureTrooper Trading Hut for 2 random, none referred members to keep…for life! What other paying site hands out free referrals like that?! But of course, if you didn’t qualified to earn from the offer (as in the sponsor did not pay TreasureTrooper) then the pearl will not be awarded. So be sure to always try your best at completing offers so that your prizes are earned!

Pretty Generous Referral System

TreasureTrooper’s referral system has members earning 20% earnings from their first level referrals and 5% from their second level. Perhaps not as generous as CashCrate’s 10% for second level referrals (along with dynamic referral upgrades depending on the number of referrals recruited) but it is still pretty generous and a great way for some extra cash. (Definitely way better referral system than InboxDollars’ 10% for 1st level and none from second.)

If you’re a pro at recruiting, I’d recommend CashCrate instead. But if you’re not and would rather just make money all by yourself, TreasureTrooper may be your better choice (thanks to Cash Tasks and pearls).

The Horror of Sponsors in the GPT Community

Every GPT site has advertisements that members must deal with to earn cash from. These advertisements are run by sponsors, and if these sponsors don’t like how you fill out, say, forms or answer surveys, then your efforts are not rewarded. This has been a big problem in the GPT community and how they’re viewed as scams by many. However, this is not something to blame the GPT sites for. When you don’t get paid for an offer, the GPT site doesn’t get paid either. Legit (and smart) GPTs would not trick you — by keeping the whole cash reward and marking your offers unsuccessfully completed — since they know that GPTs in general have a bad reputation as is no thanks to stingy sponsors. Legit paying sites know that member satisfaction is the key to long-term success. So, never rush on completing things and follow directions as carefully as possible!

Is TreasureTrooper a Scam?

This is the most important question you should always have in mind when it comes to online paying sites. This GPT site, TreasureTrooper, has simply been the one I’ve earned the most from than on any other GPT site I’ve joined. Check the payment proofs below or at Cashie.net. Sad to say, though, a lot of my earnings came from Cash Clicks, a feature no longer available and replaced by Cash Tasks.

TreasureTrooper 1st Payment TreasureTrooper 2nd Payment TreasureTrooper 3rd Payment TreasureTrooper 4th Payment

Is TreasureTrooper for You?

If you’re low on cash and have some time to spare for some extra money, then this GPT is for you. You may not get rich, of course, or make a living out of it (though it is possible), but extra cash is always considered welcomed. TreasureTrooper is a legit site that has been in business online since 2005 and it is still going strong. But as any GPT site, you may hear it’s a scam here and there, but those are just from angry members that should be mad at the advertisers instead. TreasureTrooper has always paid me — even at one time when their system failed and reset my earnings to $0! When there is a problem, just send them a proper email message, and they’ll listen and help you out with whatever they can.

It only takes $20 in earnings to cash out through PayPal or check, and payment is sent on the following month after the 15th with hardly any delays (or optionally, instantly for US members for a 50 cent fee). People 13 years or older may join and it is available internationally. You may join TreasureTrooper through my referral link here. If you have any questions or require any tips, I’ll happily answer if time allows!

For more info on GPT sites, you can go read Get Paid to do Surveys – GPT Make Money Online or look at Cashie Network for statuses on GPT sites.

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