PTCBox PTC: Not the Best but Perhaps One of the Best?

PTCBox - NOT One of the Best PTCs



Code Red! This PTC is no longer functional since February and stopped paying since near the end of 2012. What a shame. The admin was well known and kept members happy for years on his other site(s) until he pulled the plug without warning.

For legitimate PTCs and other paying sites that have been paying for years, check out the Elite List at Cashie Network.


PTCBox has been online and operating since December of 2011, and is a sister site of an older website called MatrixMails (which I’ve never personally used). Though it is half a year old now, I’ve never really paid much attention to it thinking it would become the next SchnaapKlicks (which is pretty much dead now). However, PTCBox seems to be holding up rather well to this date. Though I’m barely going to pay more attention to it, I thought about posting a small review here for those that may be interested in legit PTC sites.

PTCBox PTC Ad Values

There are plenty of ads and all of them are worth $0.005 an ad click (for Free members) at PTCBox. There are no such things as ad types (standard, mini or macro), however, upgraded members get credited a lot higher from each ad. However, upgrading may be pretty risky since they’re purchased per year (not to mention, the PTC industry is not a stable one).

PTCBox - Great PTC Site

Per ad click:

  • Free: 0.5 cents (half a cent)
  • Silver ($30/yr): 3 cents
  • Gold ($60/yr): 4 cents
  • Platinum ($100/yr): 5.5 cents

On average, I click around 6 available ads per day. As far as I know, all member types get the same amount of ads a day. So if the math is done correctly, upgrading does pay for itself over the year plus with some extra profit.

Let’s assume that each and every day provides 6 ads to click on (day’s total earnings times a year):

  • Silver: $0.18 x 365 = $65.70 ($35 profit)
  • Gold: $0.24 x 365 = $87.60 ($27 profit)
  • Platinum: $0.33 x 365 = $120.45 ($20 profit)

Of course, that’s not counting referral earnings. And though the higher the upgrade membership version seems to provide less profit than the last, the referral earning percentages get higher and there are more downline levels as well. So my theory here is that Gold and Platinum are meant for recruiting experts only.

Referral System

At PTCBox, free members earn 10% bonus from their referral ad clicks — which isn’t a lot at all, especially considering that we’re talking about $0.005 ads here. Upgrading to Silver increases from 10% to 20%, which is not a lot either. The higher upgrade levels are the ones that recruiting experts should take an interest in. Gold members get 30% from direct referrals plus 15% from second level (not available to Free and Silver). Then Platinum members get 3 levels down: A whopping 50% from 1st level, 25% from 2nd and 10% from 3rd.

Payment Processors and Minimum Cashout

New PTC - PTCBox

Members on PTCBox have it easy to cash out. PayPal and Payza (formerly AlertPay) are the payment processors and it only takes $2 minimum to be able to cash out. And fortunately, the minimum amount doesn’t seem to gradually increase after every cash out. For example, NeoBux’s minimum cashout is $2 but it gradually increases by $1 until $10 being the minimum thereafter forever.

My Thoughts on PTCBox

Hopefully, PTCBox will keep things running smoothly for as long as the PTC industry goes. The 3 PTC sister sites — SchnaapKlicks, KlickBuck and ClixZing — have failed miserably while ClixSense, NeoBux and WordLinx keep having the PTC industry alive.

To join, PTCBox, click here. For other PTCs, check out Cashie Network’s PTC page here where I’ve reviewed and posted payments proof from each legit site.

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