Paid to Read Emails: An Alternative to Paid to Click Ads

Paid to Read Emails

Ever heard of getting paid to read emails before, which are rather similar to getting paid to click on ads? If not, this information may be of interest to you if you’re looking to make some extra cash online for your PayPal, Payza (formerly AlertPay) or bank accounts. Also known as PTR, paid to read websites also come and go — similar problems as paid to click (PTC) sites tend to have. However, because PTR sites are less common than PTC, it is less common finding scams. Nonetheless, below is a list of legit PTRs as well.

If you’re looking for an alternative to PTCs, PTRs are your best choice. Below I will demonstrate which ones I’ve personally used, and have been paid by, so you may have a good start without the stress of being scammed. But just remember: Earnings from Paid to Read sites are very similar to Paid to Click websites.

Explanation of Paid to Read (PTR) Sites

Paid to Read business websites consist of sending paid email advertisements to members without involving spam. Members that receive these type of ads get credited a certain amount (depending on the site) into their membership balance to later request to get paid. As any other paying site, a minimum must first be met before being able to cash out.

PTRs are usually supported financially by members themselves, which means that advertising is usually rather cheap. Opposed to how expensive ad agencies are — such as AdWords — PTRs may be more convenient for new advertisers. Though, of course, visitor quality cannot be as good as an ad agency’s service (you get what you pay for, after all).

These type of paying sites may differ a lot from one another. Some may be a Paid to Promote site or a combination of many; which may include Paid to Click, Traffic Exchange, Paid to Sign Up, etc. Furthermore, Paid to Read sites usually have an option for members to not receive the email ads through their email account but rather on the site itself (see images below).

DonkeyMails Email AdDonkeyMails Site Inbox Ad

Legit Paid to Read Sites

Below are the PTRs I personally use and have been paid by (save for Deals’n’Cash, yet). They are all pretty old and have been known to pay by many.


The highest paying Paid to Read site that I know of is Hits4Pay. Each paid to read email messages is worth $0.02 per advertisement and with a 60 second timer. Its referral program is two levels deep, both earning the referrer $0.01 per read advertisement. Minimum payout is rather high ($25), but with its sign-up bonus ($5), high paying ads and referral earnings, it is still faster to getting paid here than on any PTC under the same time frame and amount of referrals. Hits4Pay has been in business since April of 2001 and is a sister site of Deals ‘n’ Cash and AdClickMedia.

Hits4Pay - High Paying PTR since 2001

Deals ‘n’ Cash

As a sister site of Hits4Pay, Deals ‘n’ Cash also provides a $5 sign-up bonus to new members. However, email advertisements may be worth $0.01 to $0.05 per advertisement. But do note that odds are against $0.02, and up, adverts since advertisers don’t seem to get any incentive whatsoever for paying more per ad. Every single ad will run for 60 seconds regardless of value.

The referral system is only one level deep, however, referral earnings can be $0.01 or $0.02 per ad read. Nonetheless, minimum payout is very high. Because this PTR provides less ads, and 90% of the time they’re only worth $0.01, it really takes a lot of time to reach $30 to be able to cash out.

In a personal note, I’ve been paid twice by Hits4Pay while still awaiting to reach the $30 at Deals ‘n’ Cash. I joined both on the same day, I believe.

Deals 'n' Cash - PTR


DonkeyMails is a pretty well known Paid to Promote (PTP) site that also features many other paying categories — such as PTR and PTC ads. For Paid to Read ads, members are credited $0.0025 per email ad (a quarter of a cent) but with a low timer of 15 seconds (and some without timers). Though not nearly as rewarding as Hits4Pay, DonkeyMails offers a lot more ads without missing a day and they’re a lot cheaper to advertise in. On top of that, there are many other ways to earn. The referral system is 5 levels deep and has members earning 10% commissions from direct referrals. From second level it’s 5%, then 3%, 2%, and then 1% from the 5th level. Minimum payment ranges from $0.01 to $1.00 depending on payment processor. PayPal and Payza (AlertPay) members require the $1 minimum total to be able to request payment.

DonkeyMails - No Minimum PTP and PTR


CatHouseMails is very similar to DonkeyMails, however, with a lot less features and earning potential. Adverts are so low and not worth mentioning their value, but I decided to include this PTP in the list because it is a great start for new advertisers to practice promoting without spending much. The referral system is only one level deep but with a 17% commission rate. Though the minimum is only $2, it still takes many months to reach that amount, which is why I would not recommend joining unless you want to advertise in it.

CatHouseMails - Low Minimum PTR and PTP

Legit GPT Sites with PTR Features

The sites below are GPT but do provide a Paid to Read feature. Recommended to those that like joining multiple sites to add up earnings.


InboxDollars sends 2 or 3 Paid to Read emails per day with each one worth $0.02. These ads help reach minimum payout ($30) faster when completing offers and surveys. InboxDollars is a very popular and professional GPT.


SendEarnings is a sister site of InboxDollars though less popular and may send a bit fewer Paid to Read email ads. Minimum payout is the same.


FusionCash features its own Paid to Read feature once per day to members. Each email advertisement is worth $0.02. While nothing special, it helps add up to other PTRs and PTCs. Not to mention, there’s a Paid to Click section that rewards members $0.15 a day.


MyPoints is not your typical GPT site. Instead of getting paid with money, there are many types of gift cards (including from Amazon) and other items that may be redeemed with points. This site also sends Paid to Read email advertisements worth 5 points each (estimate of $0.038 in Amazon credit) with at least 3 to 8 per day. Surveys are also sent by email, but unlike other GPTs, not qualifying to fill up a survey pays at least 10 points.


Although Paid to Read sites pay very little, they were never meant to make a lot of money for members. However, there is a potential to make a couple hundred dollars a month when combined with a few other PTRs and referring a lot of members. Because these sites are very easy to use and not so time-consuming, there are a lot of members that like these type of sites. Similar to PTCs, it all takes time and effort to earn a decent, extra income.

For other details and payments proof from the listed sites above and more, visit Cashie Network.

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