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EasyHits4U - The Most Professional Traffic Exchange

For years I have been using many traffic exchanges, and EasyHits4U is definitely worth it. The reason this post is about EasyHits4U is because it’s one of those few manual traffic exchanges that offer a 1:1 ratio for free and it’s in fact the largest one of all. Free traffic can only take you so far, so you will need at least the best — that is not only free but fair — if you want something out of these free advertising online sites.

Some will argue that EasyHits4U is not the best traffic exchange. That may be true for some but depending on what is being advertised and how. There are traffic exchanges out there with a 3:1 ratio that have been considered better than EasyHits4U, though I strongly disagree since it takes thrice the effort to gain credits. After all, all traffic exchanges really work the same; you view a few pages and you get a few page views back. What really matters is your own advertising skill and the product or service being promoted. But more on traffic exchanges in general for another post.

EasyHits4U Goes for Quality

As far as free online advertising goes, quality may be an issue. EasyHits4U has a 20 second timer for its 1:1 surfing ratio for free members, and although that may be a tad long to wait to surf for the next random site, long timers mean better focus from visitors. After all, you do want your site to have viewers check it out without rushing, right? However, as mentioned about focus, viewers won’t have enough time to actually pay decent attention to the site because the timer goes too fast. This eventually makes people focus more on the timer itself getting to zero than actually viewing the site being shown while the timer runs.

EasyHits4U 1:1 Ratio and 20 second timer

EasyHits4U also guarantees unique visitors every 24 hours to their half million members worldwide. And because it is for international use, there is also geo targeting for promoting to specific countries of the world. However, geo targeting costs double the credits which makes it pretty much a 2:1 traffic exchange (which is still a fair ratio considering some factors).

Pays to Surf

EasyHits4U is also one of the very few that pays for a certain amount of pages surfed. For every 1,000 page views, $0.30 are earned plus the referral earnings that EasyHits4U’s referral program provides. Minimum cash out is only $3 for PayPal or Alertpay members.

Five Level Referral System

At EasyHits4U, the 5 levels referral program encourages members to promote the traffic exchange itself for free credits earned from referrals surfing. Earnings from the direct referral is 10%, then 5% from the second level referral, then 3%, 2% and 1% from the fifth. There is no referral limit, so earning from referrals is limitless.

Free Rotator

EasyHits4U - The Best Traffic Exchange If you have plenty of sites to promote and you’re in many advertising sites, EasyHits4U’s rotator is highly recommended. Instead of having to edit your links on each advertising site one by one manually, you can promote your EasyHits4U rotator link on all other advertising sites. Rotators contains up to 10 links. This way, whenever having to discard or change a link, you only have to do it once at the EasyHits4U website. The rotator also has a priority setting for in case you want specific sites to show more often than others.

Old is Better

Since early 2003, EasyHits4U has been providing free traffic with a fair ratio for members worldwide and has been considered a legit business without a doubt. It is by far the most professional traffic exchange in both look and service than any ad exchange I’ve joined and come across. If you’re into free traffic, you should really consider this traffic exchange more than any other ad exchange out there.

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For all other traffic exchange sites check out Cashie Network.

  1. I agree, I think that Easy Hits gets a bad rap because of its size and the fact that there may be some shady characters trying to cheat or post illegal sites. But with so many people surfing at the same time, there is little risk that your site will be shown to the same surfer multiple times in a short period.

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