Free Traffic from Hit2Hit: Considered the Best 2:1 Traffic Exchange

Free Traffic at Hit2Hit

Free traffic has been a pretty sought out method for website owners to have to share their web content to others without spending a cent. However, free traffic can only go so far, which is why it’s a good standard to choose the few best advertising sites that offer free traffic.

Hit2Hit Manual Traffic Exchange

Hit2Hit Screen Shot Hit2Hit is a membership site that offers free traffic by simply visiting other sites from other members to earn credits, which in turn are converted into visits — same as any other traffic exchange. At Hit2Hit, the traffic ratio is 2:1, meaning that for each free member that “surfs” (visits) 2 web pages from other random members, 1 credit is earned. Credits are then converted into page views, so in short, you visit 2, you get 1 visit back. Though it may not sound fair to visit 2 to get 1, this is how most traffic exchanges stay in business and send more traffic to upgraded members to balance things out. And believe me, there are far worst surf ratios out there — with 3:1 and even 5:1! But I honestly don’t recommend those types of TEs regardless of their popularity and good ratings…unless you upgrade in them. Remember: your promotions and skills are more important than the traffic exchange site itself, so go with the most generous ones that have good ratings and amount of members. In the end, all TEs really are the same — only their features, bonuses, servers, amount of members and administrators make each TE slightly different.

Nice Features and Bonuses — Even for Free Members!

Even though there are traffic exchanges that offer a 1:1 surf ratio for free, and you’d have to upgrade at Hit2Hit to get the same deal, free 1:1 TEs may be less generous and cost more for upgrades. From all the traffic exchanges I’ve joined to get free traffic, Hit2Hit has to be the most generous one of all. Generally, on every Tuesday and Friday, all members (including free) earn 30 or 40 credits every 100 pages surfed. This almost makes Hit2Hit a free 1:1 TE. And trust me, with its 6 second timer, 100 page views are surfed rather quickly.

There are also occasional credit bonuses from time to time on any day, plus, there are weekly contests where lucky surfers earn $5 randomly. So far I’ve won 3 times. There are other contests as well for best referrers and surfers on some months.

Referral System

Hit2Hit Transfer Credits to Your Downline Unfortunately, these referral details are pretty much non-existent on the site if you’re upgraded, so I can’t double check. Though I do know that depending on your membership level and of your referrals, referral earnings vary from 5% to 50% for credits and cash commissions. There’s also the feature to transfer credits to your downline for whatever reason. You could give credits as a donation or you can come up with little contests for best surfers if you’d like. Pretty convenient if you want to motivate your downline to keep surfing.

Upgraded Memberships

Besides free traffic as a free member (2:1 surf ratio), there are three membership upgrades to suit your needs. From White Rose (4:3 ratio) to Red Rose (1:1.25 ratio), starting at $5.95 per month. Prices may be pretty high considering there are other traffic exchanges offering 1:1 ratio for free, however, because of Hit2Hit’s low surf timer, credits stack up enormously faster. Another point to consider is that Hit2Hit constantly offers special deals to the point that it makes me wonder if there are any members paying the original prices. As for me, I am a Coral Rose member (1:1 surf ratio) paying around $6 per month (for life, it seems) instead of $11.50. And of course, Hit2Hit offers a free referral per month, when available, for any upgraded member.

Hit2Hit Framed Page A pretty generous and unique feature that Hit2Hit offers to upgraded members is its Framed Page, which can be activated by assigning 200 credits per day on any link. This unique page displays random links from all upgraded members to other 30+ manual traffic exchanges without spending any extra credits — free. For example, while promoting this link of mine, and have assigned 200 credits to be used per day, my link will be displayed not only 200 times on Hit2Hit, but also on over 30 traffic exchanges that Hit2Hit’s owner is personally a member of! There is no set amount of how many extra hits your link will get since it varies per day, but there is an estimated 72 page views a day — and growing. Imagine all that free traffic per month from other traffic exchanges you don’t need to be a member of?

Free Traffic Sites Can Only Go So Far…

As most free traffic sites, such as traffic exchanges, there are bound to be some disappointments here and there. Thankfully, though, Hit2Hit has great servers. However, it can be hard to take Hit2Hit very seriously because of the look of the site. When I first joined Hit2Hit, I felt I went back in time to the mid 90s or so. The fast surf timer can also be a problem since it only takes 6 seconds to be able to surf to the next site. This lowers the chances of other members to take a good look at your sites.

Hit2Hit Look

Nonetheless, Hit2Hit has been known as the best 2:1 manual traffic exchange by many sources for your free traffic needs. Upgrades can be cheap if taking advantage of the many special offers that constantly appear a month and the fast timer can also work to your advantage for faster credit-building and exposure.

If interested in Hit2Hit, you may join here to try it out for free for life.

For other manual traffic exchanges, you may check Cashie Network’s list of TEs here.

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